Interview with an amazing Landscape photographer Jhuma Datta

Interview with an amazing Landscape photographer Jhuma Datta

An Amazing Interview with Indian Photographer


 Jhuma Datta, always had a life-long passion for the wilderness, which drove her into the world of photography. She has been an avid lens and shutter freak since 2008. Nature and landscape photography is her first love and prime area of interest. And needless to say, she has excelled in this field greatly. A globe trotter and passion traveller, Jhuma has travelled extensively capturing the many moods and facets of Mother Nature. She hosted three solo exhibitions and several group exhibitions in Kolkata. Accredited by organizations like National Geographic Traveller, Smart Photography, Better Photography, Wikimedia, International Mountain Summit, India Today who use her stills. She is enthusiastic about training young photographers and is relentlessly involved in photography workshops. This talented individual started her aesthetic journey with painting landscapes and portraits and specializes in water colour and acrylic on canvas. This makes her photographs unique as each of them turn out to be a reflection of life as seen from an artist's eyes.

Tell me about yourself

- I am a landscape photographer from Kolkata, India. Travelling has not only been something that I do, but it has become a part of my life and a deep passion for photography which drove me into the world of photography. I focus on landscapes that reflect the beauty of Mother Nature.

What photography means to you

– Photography gives me creative fulfillment. It helps me express myself artistically. Photography also gives me a reason to travel and explore new places. It also helps me to meet new people and this has helped make my life more interesting.

How you came into the world of photography

– I had started my photographic journey in 2008. I discovered my love for photography when I first visited Ladakh and fell in love its sweeping scenic beauty.

Is photography your passion or profession?

 - Photography is my hobby and profession at the         same time

Which genre do you prefer in photography and why?

– Landscape photography is my favourite genre in photography, as it can portray scenery, or can show an impact of environmental change.

If you were not a photographer what you would be doing

- Painting, my first love.

According to you what is Vision?

-It is something you see in your mind’s eye. It is also the art of seeing what is invisible to others.

What are your future projects?

-When it comes to landscape photography, capturing something unique has always been my goal. I have developed my own style over the years. I try to display long-exposure images with a dreamy look and night images with creative composition and patterns. So far, it has been on land but I plan to take photos from a small plane of places in different seasons.

Tell me about your family, friends those who left significant impact in your photographic journey

- Without the support of my family especially my husband this would not have been possible. My family and some close photographer friends are my pillars of strength. I would like to thank each and every one for their support throughout my life.

Tell us about your upcoming exhibition “Island - Landscape Art””

- Iceland was always on top of my list. In 2016 I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. I prayed to God that for once my wish to visit my dream destination could be fulfilled before I die. God is kind enough and has made it possible for me to go there. This is my fourth solo photography exhibition. Here I am displaying 65 photographs which I shot in Iceland in November 2018


Did you face any difficulties in pursuing Photography?

-No as such, everyone has encouraged me.

Do you think that gear makes difference to make good photographs? Details of your equipment.

– I think regardless of the equipment, you can create and tell the story you want. There a plenty of examples of great work done with cheap/old gear.

Message for young talents

– Develop the skills needed to capture beautiful and meaningful images and takes photographs that you’re actually proud of.

Who is Jhuma Datta when no one is looking at you?

-Aam aadmi.

Share your experiences with your past works/exhibitions and tell us about your upcoming exhibitions.

-I had hosted three solo exhibitions and several group exhibitions in Kolkata which were very well received by the spectators.

Do you want to share any interesting story with us?

-I was almost asleep when I heard shouts that Northern lights were visible. I ran out of the hotel to take snaps. I found people on the road in such cold weather even in their inner-wears. The craziness in the people interested me.    

What is your views about World Photographic Forum, if any… any messages for the members of WPF

– WPF is the best platform for all kind of  photographers around the world. These days it is very difficult to get chance to show his/her work to the world. WPF has opened the door to a world of opportunity for young and talented as well as professional photographers from the world over.  Message for the members... I would advise to read a lot, work every day even without assignments or money, work with discipline for yourself and not for the awards, conquer the world through your lens.

Best wishes 

Admin Team 

World Photographic Forum

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