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A finance consultant by profession, Samya is an adventurer, photographer and a certified scuba diver. He has trekked across the Himalayas for more than two decades. As an ardent traveller, he has travelled extensively in India and abroad. Having completed more than 200 dives in various circuits across the globe, he has vast diving experience. He is one of the few underwater photographers hailing from Eastern India.Samya has carried out photographic assignments for various International Non Profit Organizations. The entire West Bengal Section of the Indian gallery and the theme poster of India at WTM London Fair 2013 (one of the largest Travel fairs in the World) were decorated with his photographs. The ‘Experience Bengal’ campaign of ITOC and Department of Tourism, West Bengal has featured many of his works. His photographs are appreciated in various photographic forums.His photographic journey begun like that of any other Bengali child - with an Agfa Click 3 and then it was gradual progression. As a photographer Samya doesn’t want to confine himself to the usual genres but to explore the unexplored- something. His love for adventure sports and aspiration to witness the unknown, had drawn him towards Scuba Diving, Underwater, Arial and Travel photography.His wish list is to dive with and photograph sharks around the world, ice dive in Arctic and Antarctic region and share his experience through photographs with the world. In future, he intends to contribute in some manner for preservation and protection of the beautiful underwater world

Coral Reef, Johnny's Gorge, Havelock, Andaman Sea

Unicorn Fish, Maldives

Anthias hanging from coral walls, Maldives

Sea Horse, Malapascua, Philippines

Longfin Reef Squid, Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

Nudibranch (Chromodoris annae), Lembeh Strait, Indonesia

Manta Ray, Ari Atol, Maldives

Fan Coral, Deep Six, Similan Islands

Whale Sharks, Cebu, Philippines

Nudibranch (Trinchesia sibogae), Richelieu Rock

Sattakut Sea Wrek, Hin Pee Wie, South China Sea

Nemo’s Reef, Havelock, Andaman Sea

Yellow Snapper, Maldives

Oriental Sweetlip fish, Maldives

White Eye Moray Eel, Gato Island, Philippines  

White Eye Moray Eeel, Gato Island, Philippines

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