Arghya Chatterjee

Arghya Chatterjee


In Greek Mythology "SOULMATE" implies humans originated in pairs but bound in one body, with original soul but split in Two. the separated twos forever wondered the earth in search of their long lost SOULMATE so to reunite their incomplete souls and become one again.

Arghya Chatterjee

An individual is rightly known by the merit of his work. Arghya Chatterjee has well made his mark in the sphere of Photography with his incredible talent and skill.

Arghya is a reputed photographer, who is known for his discourses in Photography. Arghya's work regularly features in various reputed Travel and Photography magazines. In fact in April 2016, one of his photographs was published and printed in Famous National Geographic magazine in prestigious “VISION OF EARTH” section. In this year his Photograph has been published in “Creative Image Magazine” published by Padmashree Raghu Rai.

Presently , He is conducting seminars and workshops on Digital Photography, along with Post Processing techniques, at Camarena and as well as for various Corporate houses.


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  1. He is an excellent photographer,teacher,guide,friend actually & honestly no complement is enough for him,my regards to him

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