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Most people think that photographers bloom from early one. But for me, photography was a happy accident as late as 2012. When I returned from my holiday in Goa, I realized that I enjoyed shooting on my iPhone 4. My thoughts were focused on doing better buying a camera. Google search exercises to understand the workings of a camera were as futile as water on a duck’s back. At this juncture, I thought it best to attend a workshop where the mentor would guide me on what camera to buy and how to use it. So, my search for a photography class took me to Udaan School of Photography where I was counseled by Mr. Arko Datta. I was totally smitten by his photography perspectives that I enrolled myself for a 2 week program.  I enjoyed every moment of every one of those sessions. I learned not only the nuances and physics of the art but was inspired by Arko's intense passion.


I was lucky to find a mentor in Mr. Hari Mahidar who honed and groomed my skills for the next 2 years.  Over the years I continued to enjoy taking pictures and attending workshops to refresh and increase my knowledge on the subject. Traveling and photography go hand in hand for me. All it takes is an excuse to get out of Mumbai. The highlight of my career came in 2016 when a photograph taken on an iPhone was selected by Apple for its ‘Colors’ campaign. I was overwhelmed with joy. I find myself increasingly shooting with the iPhone simply because it is so handy. I believe I have found my calling - I can't stop 'seeing'.


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