Sabyasachi Lee Sen Sharma

Sabyasachi Lee Sen Sharma


When does a man get mad? When, is it that, that a loner seeks path towards settlement and gets shattered? What happens then? Well, not much. Only, DEVASTATION AND TANDAV.



Sati, daughter of king Dakshya, found her soul captivated in Shiva; Mahakaal. Loverlorn is a feeling, felt best in longing. Sati longs for Shiva, with all her heart. Sati's Lovelorn. Shiva is her completeness. As we know, we all have an affinity towards getting complete, and Sati is no exception. She dreams of her beloved vehemently...


A king with blessed by the divinity and driven by snobbery and ego. He was a worshipper of lord VISHNU, held HIM in the highest threshold. And he could not, at all, withstand Shiva. He arranged for a 'Yajna', but left lord Shiva uninvited. His inflated balloon of self esteem stopped him of his foresight and farsightedness about the consequences... Sati could not bear this kind of insult to her beloved and preferred self-seclusion. She committed suicide. (Dakshya, is not directly present in this photo story but has an indirect presence. More like the "invisible-yet-visible" characters as shown in theatrical productions.)


SHIVA. Who Wrecks. DEVADIDEV is he, who, observes everything silently. HE's everywhere. As soon as HE came to know about Sati's demise, he turned reckless! Sati had been his everything. If "everything" is lost, then everything make no sense. And that is what ALMIGHTY did. HE created an upheaval around the universe! HE made days see destruction and the nights see nuisance! Driven by a revengeful instinct towards Dakshya, MAHAKAAL roared with anguish! SHIVA is destruction! SHIVA is Tandav! The world will see a reckless ravage now!

We, Sabyasachi's Creative Canvas, did not want to portray the stereotypical image of Shiva but an unconventional one. Here, we tried to represent Shiva, through the AGHORI cult of Sadhus, who claim to be the direct descendants of lord Shiva. Looking forward towards our viewer's utmost gratification.


Your beauty is surreal, Goddess Sati!

We prostrate your divinity!


 No hindrance , no constraint I am Shiva's . He's omnipotent.


 A joyful chitchat in Sati's companion circle about Shiva.


 Lord Shiva not invited !!! It Can't be...


 Sati got startled, seeing her father's outburst !

Daksha is her lifeline and Shiva is no less.


Sati crushed between her father and husband ....

Decided to quit.


 Slowly  Sati devoted herself to the Yagna kunda.




Shiva starts Crying




Daksha have to face the devastation !!


The Lord is puzzled...... What should be the  Next ?

And...... Destruction is near. Shiva broke into Tears.


Aghoram. . .


 War Roar.....




Bhairav, the Savior.....

Bhairav, the slayer!


Shiva gets outrageous! Shiva wants blood!!!



Devastation... Detachment...Pralay Tandav Dhangsya will began.

 About the Author and team


Sabyasachi Lee Sen Sharma

He is a very talented Photographer of this generation. Apart from commercial photography, he has a great love for conceptual artistic creativity which helps him to create theme based story. He is running a successful production house called "Sabyasachi's Creative Canvas" that has huge followers(Approx 1.8k). His great team consists three most talented person , Kolaj and Lina(being 2nd in command of Sabyasachi's Creative Canvas) as prime Artist and Shreya as Make up Artist. He firmly believes that his dream could not be completed without their wholehearted support. His object is to be perfect all the time and he maintains a very low and simple profile. He resides at Dum Dum, Kolkata. He is only 30 yrs old .




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