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Virtually last two decades I’ve been traveling by default due to nature of my job coupled with my interest, seeking adventure and ways to learn from and interact with cultures which are very different from my own. Photography became a great excuse to look deeper and to make my experiences more intense.

Initially my focus was on people and their stories. Later, moved on communicating the mood, the atmosphere of the places where I photograph.

I usually find my frame and compositions by chance, while I travel. I am however particularly drawn to nature and changes which are evolving every day. To stories of beauty in unique art formation, challenging environments and those who live in close bond with nature.

My goal as a photographer is to create the kinds of images which combine a natural sense of art and convey what it felt like to be linked with the places I visited. Surely far way to go.

Due to profession, I am currently in Oman but originally from Kolkata, India where my heart and soul belongs. By profession from Hospitality background and started as hobbyist photographer since 2012 (read weekend shutterbug). Even now I am hobbyist but started to think seriously since 2013 while got some national and international level award of recognition for my interest.  A very few to mention like Unicef, Nat Geo Abu Dhabi, Nikon Middle East & Africa, Camarena, India Photography Awards etc. along with some other features and exhibitions. On my personal preference, I like both monochrome as well color photographs but heart goes more on monochrome. Not restricted to a specific genre, I click what I like. Till date it’s very interesting learning curve for me to rejoice and wish to continue so. 

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