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I am a freelance photographer from Shillong, originally from Manipur. I am married to Sunita Lyngwa and have two sons, Andrew Lyngwa and Adrian Kamei. I have had no formal training in photography and my skills come from my passion and years of hard work. My love for nature and the beauty of Meghalaya inspired me to pursue my passion. I am against the littering of nature and I actively try to keep nature and the environment clean. I do not consider myself as a professional but an amateur perfecting my art. I am an avid traveller and have travelled all over Meghalaya in order to capture the perfect shot. I desire to explore the unexplored and capture it in my photo lens. Besides working as a freelance photographer, I am an SFA at Sony Pvt. Ltd. at Wheels and Wares Dhankheti.

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  1. Your passion has taken to next level of awesomeness. I love your works. Keep exploring and capture the beauty in and around 🙂

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