Engineer by profession, photography is my passion and serious hobby. I love to capture images of places and people around. I am basically an outdoor person and travel a lot due to my office & family needs. This is where I find my ingredient for photography that revolves around travel, people, landscapes, monuments and culture.

Basically self taught, I had done a course in Photography from School of Fototechnik, New Delhi. I started my photography with manual Pentax K-1000 SLR camera gifted by my father. During my course of photography I had learnt the dark room techniques and exposure control using manual SLR with negative and slide films.

Subsequently, I moved to Abu Dhabi for my career as an Engineer in Oil & Gas. It is then that I took up digital SLR camera, a Canon 350D and started shooting using the new technology. Subsequently, I purchased Canon 7D and now I am using Canon 5D Mark III. Shooting life around me, processing my images and sharing them over the net provides immense opportunity of learning and satisfaction.

I have been a regular contributor of photo articles in Travel Magazines along with photographs of places travelled for some time. During the days with my manual SLR camera I have taken part in Salons and won many acceptances, certificates and awards.

Photographs Exhibited and major milestones
· Dubai Photoworld, Dubai, April 2007
· Special Participation in Emirates Photographic Exhibition, Abu Dhabi Cultural Centre, Abu Dhabi, March 2007
· Exhibition “Safar” on Travel Photographs of Delhi held at AIFACS gallery, Delhi, September 2006.
· Exhibition “Darpan” held at Lalit Kala Gallery, Delhi, May 2004.
· Photograph Adda at Camarena in January, 2016
· Winner of Soul of Kolkata Competition under category "Greenery of Kolkata"

Photo series on aerial shots from flight.

Various photographs taken during flight in Indian skies as well as in the middle-east during my travel in recent times. The photographs have been taken to reflect a photo story on sailing through the clouds, a connection between the sky and the green earth, a tale of fusion between dream and reality through motion of the flight and the static down below.


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