Profession : Desktop Publishing

Hobby : Photography

I somehow found my passion, and have been obsessed with it since. I always was an outdoors sort of person, and this led me to many lovely nooks and crannies of the beautiful state I belong to, Meghalaya, but then I was just a visitor, not having been initiated into the beautiful art of photography. From the moment though I picked up a camera a few years back, photography has intrigued me and slowly as I kept learning, it has become an obsession. To me photography is a means which helps me relax and at the same time let out my creative juices. I’ve been involved in photography for over a year now, and I have sincerely enjoyed every moment of it so far. What photography did was give me more than just a hobby, it has given me something to do and learn and it adds up to many hours of enjoyment. It also give me creative fulfilment. It also give me a reason to travel which I have loved doing, that is to explore new places. My interest mainly lies in shooting landscapes for that interests me most, and the rolling hills, numerous waterfalls, and water bodies around give me ready subjects.

The best part is that apart from making photographs, photography have help me make new friends, some are online contacts, some are people that I have met and some are people who are into photography and I am really happy that this hobby has let me to connect with so many people.

I am looking forward to finding out where it will take me next.

As for the photographs, these are all vignettes from the lovely state I belong to, and especially of the Khasi-Jaiñtia Hills, which are my favorite hunting grounds. The ample rainfall in these parts lead to numerous cascades which are an important subject for me, as also are the other water bodies with their pristine waters. Winters however lead to clear skies enabling me to take images of the star filled skies, and slowly I am developing an interest in including astrophotography in my landscapes.



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